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The Look and Sound of “Bosch” (article 3 of 3)

A behind-the-scene photo of the Bosch crew, with author Michael Connelly second-from-left in the foreground and producer-writer Tom Bernardo to the right of Connelly. Executive producer Pieter Jan Brugge (in hat) is directly behind Connolly in the background. The first two articles in this series focused on the contributions of the directors and cinematographers that give Amazon Prime Video’s Bosch ...

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The Look and Sound of “Bosch” (article 2 of 3)

The first article in this series covered how, just as the Bosch novels by Michael Connelly carried on the tradition of tough, hard-boiled American detective fiction perfected by the likes of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett, so Amazon Prime Video’s Bosch television series continues the dark, gritty look of classic film noir. And two of the people most responsible for ...

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The Look and Sound of “Bosch” (article 1 of 3)

Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch in the final shot of “Raise the Dead,” Episode Four, Season Five of Bosch Amazon Prime Video’s Bosch, is not just the best damn cop show on TV today, it is also one of the finest police procedural series in the history of television, right up there with Dragnet, Hill Street Blues, and Prime Suspect. ...

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The Reports of the Death of Blu-Rays and DVDs are Greatly Exaggerated

(photo source: Pixabay) Oh, dear. Once again the usual “experts” are tolling the death knell of “physical media,” which is the term for CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and any other forms of recorded entertainment. The reasoning is that average consumers will soon abandon physical media in favor of streaming because (a) streaming is more “convenient” than the unbearable drudgery of loading ...

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Game of Piracy: An Old Problem Gets Worse

Game of Thrones (source: HBO) As expected, last Sunday’s Game of Thrones series finale generated tons of buzz, not only setting a record for HBO ratings, but also setting records for on-line piracy. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the initial broadcast of iconic show’s last installment was watched by 13.6 million viewers, and that number rose to 19.3 million viewers ...

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The Battle Over Streaming and Cinema’s Future That Wasn’t

Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma (source: Netflix) It’s kaput already. The clash of the titans that was shaping up, with streaming services, represented by Netflix, on one side and theatrical exhibition, represented by filmmaking mogul Steven Spielberg, on the other, never happened. On April 21, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced their rules for next year’s Oscars and, despite ...

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