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Rohde & Schwarz expands its U.S. Broadcast & Media team

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Columbia, MD, May 20th, 2019 —Continuing with the remarkable success of its transmitter business during the ongoing FCC Repack, the रोहादे और श्वार्ज़ USA, Inc. Broadcast & Media division announces the expansion of the Media Content Solutions team to drive forward the strategy and success of the division with a strong customer focus.

‘With our product portfolio gaining great momentum, this is the time to strengthen our presence in this key market and working hand-in-hand with our longstanding customers and partners,’ explains Erik Balladares, Vice President Broadcast & Media at रोहादे और श्वार्ज़ इंक

To lead the newly expanded Media Content Solution team and to steer all aspects of sales for the respective business in the U.S., रोहादे और श्वार्ज़ has appointed Burt Young as Senior Sales Manager. An accomplished industry executive with 20 years’ experience in the sector, Young joins रोहादे और श्वार्ज़ from Grass Valley, where he was Strategic Accounts Manager and played a key role in building and growing the business. Prior to Grass Valley, Young held executive sales positions at Snell Inc. and Harris Corporation.

With the appointment of two additional industry veterans, Greg Doggett and Kim Thomas, to join Young’s team, रोहादे और श्वार्ज़ demonstrates a great example of a continued commitment to being a leader in the Broadcast & Media marketplace. In their new roles as Sales & Business Development Manager, Greg Doggett and Kim Thomas will report to Burt Young and be responsible for promoting sales growth and strengthening existing relationships with customers and partners.

Greg Doggett comes to रोहादे और श्वार्ज़ with an extensive background in the industry, previously holding executive sales positions with Grass Valley and Snell. Kim Thomas joins the Media Content Solution team with a vast background in the industry as well, previously holding executive sales positons with उत्सुक तथा Dalet डिजिटल मीडिया सिस्टम.

‘I am excited to welcome the new members of the Media Content Solution team on board,’ concludes Erik Balladares, Vice President Broadcast & Media. ‘They offer exceptional knowledge of our industry, markets, customer needs and products. As we continue to raise the profile of रोहादे और श्वार्ज़ in the multiple Broadcast & Media market segments across the U.S., their outstanding experience will enable us to reach the next level.’

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